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I can help you break free from your limitations. These limitations can come from socialites believes and from our past. These limitations can leave us reminiscing about the past or past events over and over and over again. Robbing us from enjoying life today. These limitations can also leave us stressing about our future shattering our motivation and completely missing all the opportunities that pass by us everyday.

Here is an opportunity you will NOT want to miss. This could be everything you have been looking for.

We often are un aware of who we truly are. We convince ourselves that who we are today is who we are and how could we possibly change. Maybe you don’t want to change and you just want to change everything around you. Maybe the thought of change is accompanied by fear. If this is true then you have come to the right place.

What if I told you who you are today is only a result from what you have experienced in the past and who you are today is not who you truly are.

Think about it. Do you experience a lot of anger or frustration? Is bad things constantly happing to you? Are you always struggling to get caught up? Is there always one thing after another that seems to be a problem? If it wasn’t for bad luck would you have any luck at all? Do you feel left out? Do you feel like an outcast? Are you depressed? Do you feel like no matter what you do something always has to go wrong? Do you have goals you want to achieve but are too afraid? Do you tell yourself you hate your self? The list can go on and on.

If you were who you truly are none of these would be apart of your life. If you were truly who you are, you would be living a life where none of the above would even be a thought in your mind. The reason these exist is because we are fighting with unwanted thoughts and emotions. These emotions are not ours but through our past they have become a problem we are left to live with everyday.

I will give you the necessary tools and techniques to bring out the true you and break free from the you created by your past. Think you might not have what it takes? Think again. Humans are designed and equipped to make any thought a realty. This means you have this special skill as well. You are already built with the necessary operating system to take control of your life and to break free from these limitations.

Your sessions will not be a walk in the park. During your sessions you can expect to re visit past events to help find the root cause of what ever problems/limitations that are holding you back. You can also expect changes to happen that can be both fantastic and un pleasant through your journey to the true you. We don’t live a linear life and neither will be your progress. You can expect feel like a winner one day and then feel defeated the next (This is normal and you’ll learn why this happens through our daily life) but whats important is the knowledge behind why this happens and the awareness to stop it and gain control again.

It does not matter what happens on our journey to our destination. All that matters is that we stay focused on our destination no matter what happens on our journey. I am here to help you do exactly that.

You will see your life from a different view and you will learn how to make daily decisions as the true you. You will have a box full of tools you can use to take control of your life and break free from the life created by the past. You will not have the same mind frame you have now.

Life is not about maintaining and surviving. It’s about creating and evolving.


Each session is around 1 hour long. Every situation is different and requires different amount of time.

In Person

$80 / Session
Vernon BC & surrounding areas

Video Calling

$80 / Session
Across Canada

Over The Phone

$80 / Session
Across Canada


Packages will become available after your first free session.


12 Sessions
Save $60


24 Sessions
Save $360


48 Sessions
Save $960

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